The world is changing. In the direct to consumer business customers not only expect a great product but also amazing experiences and a deeper sense of connection for not shopping on Amazon. If a business delivers this, the customers not only comeback but advocate for the business and help the business acquire more customers. But that is easier said than done. Lets look into why.

Gartner analysed where do most companies selling direct to consumer spend and it was not surprisingly, paid customer acquisition. Yes, paid acquisition!

The super expensive Facebook and Instagram ads. Soaring influencers who charge bonkers per post. The freebies and hurting discounts. Outspending the sea of new competitors for visibility and the list goes on.

But, should it really be this way? An efficient and profitable business grows to great heights because of two factors:

1. Repeat Customers.

2. Organic Referrals.

One sure way to achieve this is by building

an emotional and personal relationship with your customers.

Building emotional and personal connection with customers.

Customers buy from a business the first time because of an amazing product. The good news is that 70% of customers who bought from a business in the first place, used to come back again to make a repeat purchase. But, that was until yesterday.

Today, the times are changing. Today, there are more number of competitors than ever because the barrier to start a businesses, source similar products from China, advertise on social media with ads and influencers is at an all time low. 

But, why should it matter to a great business with amazing products like yours? Think, about it. You have plenty of customer data, but emotional connections are hard to build. You have many teams to touch the customer but no way to orchestrate a delightful experience. You have a large portfolio of customers, but you don’t have the resources to serve each of them personally at scale to build a great and involving experience. So, you and most businesses end up spending more money on paid acquisition and the cycle repeats. 

The same social media on which you run your ads, the same influencers who advertise your products are now also serving ads and paid posts influencing your current customers to look at your competitors.

The result? Your customers are always bombarded with ads on social media and posts from influencers about your new competitor who at most times is selling a similar or a cheaper product, giving away freebies, etc. This should be alarming for established businesses .

How would a business like yours retain your customers and get more organically in this cash burn Adpcoploypse and Social feed fever

Introducing Frills. Frills is the post sales solutions for D2C businesses like yours to increase repeat sales and organic outreach all while building engaging experiences and personal connection with customers.

Frills produces outcomes for your business with deeply tried and tested concepts in marketing, branding and psychology such as:

  1. Social Positioning.
  2. Individual expressions.
  3. Recognition via gamification.
  4.  Personal influence..
Lets see an actual example of how a popular and well known brand like Nike uses Frills campaigns that is focused and centred around the brand and products.
1. Social positioning with Frills campaigns.

Studies after studies show that customers buy from brands not only because of great products and it makes their life better but also to fit in to the social sphere created around that brand and the desire of being part of the social group.

Frills campaigns gives your business tools to provide this experience to your customers. A campaign is a product focused group stories exclusively for posts by your customers which is themed, controlled and operated by your business at any scale.

2. Individual expression with FB Messenger.

With ever increasing array of choices for products, 90% of customers are looking for brands that provide great experiences, belonging and freedom to express their unique individual expression.

With Frills FB Messenger bot, provide your customers an experience that caters exclusively to their individual needs to express themselves with the most real and authentic posts to your campaign without loosing themselves in a sea of hashtags or social feed judge fever. This elevates your customers sense of individuality while still being part of your brand and social customer sphere. 



Try this on your FB Messenger

3. Recognition via Gamification.

Frills is built to not only strengthen your connection with all your customers and future prospects but also a provide a fantastic way to identify and cherish your customers who are also actually your influencers by providing them a solid and unique recognition system that goes beyond discounts and likes.

With Frills full scale gamification system, become your customers favourite brand with:

  1. Unique badges that reflects the brand and identifies the customer.
  2. Points system that integrate easily with your existing rewards system.
  3. Generating leads for customers social media with customer profiles.

4. Personal influence.

Personal & peer influence is the most trusted and action driven influence there is. 90% of customers trust organic influence from peers. The behaviour observed with peer influence is that its mostly shared via DM’s (direct message) and occasionally on social media feed.

The Frills ecosystem is built to work out of the box with messages and the web to get word of mouth marketing for your brand by enabling sharing authentic customer posts that directly links to your product checkout pages and drive product discovery through customer stories.

So, what are the next steps after building a personal connection with customers? It’s what we started this article with, repeat sales and organic outreach. 

1. Repeat Sales
To up-sell or cross-sell to your customers, give your customers Frills experiences, which are involving, authentic and action-driving while placing your products front and centre with a one-click checkout experience.
This cross-sell campaign is designed to target customers who have bought cleats in the past and are 90% likely to buy again with the Frills experience.
2. Organic Outreach
Using the same principals of personal influence, Frills campaigns encourage your customers to become an authentic ambassador for your brand and products and in turn leads to your products and brands gaining organic visibility.
Getting started with initial customer touchpoint
Frills works out of the box with your existing outreach channels like email, SMS and for with their browser and FB Messenger. Thus, not requiring to install any apps to get started with the campaign. 


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