Built to encourage organic & involving referral.

With Frills, your customers interact with the app which is designed to keep them focused around your brand and products and build a connection with your brand that encourages your customer to spread your product

Built for product focused referrals

Organic sharing that puts your products and brand image at the front. Your customers are compelled to share the best and real selves with a major chunk focused on your products. Forget #hashtag mayhem with every post where your brand specific hashtag are lost in a sea of other tags. With Frills, your customers share content that gives deep significant to your brand and product.

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Focused on DM’s and Social Feed Value

Sharing to social feed has become cumbersome and is out of fashion to majority of the customers. Your customers covet their social feed religiously and maintain a consistent theme. Frills gives your customers a breath of fresh air to DM their close friends and family while still keeping a social theme to the share messages

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