You existing customers will make up 60% of your sales when they are encouraged to personally involve in your campaigns.

Encourage invlovement
Encourage invlovement

Frills is built to encourage your existing customers explore more of your product line. With products placed strategically alongside brand advocate like customers posts, your customers are bound to explore.

Customers, not influencers
Customers, not influencers

Social media fatigue is at an all time high. With more and more influencers advocating innumerable number of products often competitors has driven away influencer authenticity. Give your customers a glimpse of how your actual brand devoted customers are using your products

FB Messenger targeting
FB Messenger targeting

With Frills, target your most involved and engagned customers for the next up sell and cross sell directly via FB Messenger inbox. This combined with the authenticity of your best customer posts and gamified rewards are bound to increase your upsells

60% of your sales is through your existing customers.

But, to capture the attention of your customers with existing social media feed noise and ever increasing retargeting ads is increasingly expensive and hard.

Re-conversion made organic

Why would a customer make a new cross-sell purchase? Because, the brand reached their customers on the right channel and provided an experience that gets the customer involved with the brand. This involvement is organic, involving and showcases your product via your customers.

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Data driven approach.

Identify your strongest customers advocates and drive a new set of re-conversions.

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