Wow your customers with personalised badges and integrate with your loyalty and rewards program.

Intangible assets
Intangible assets

Subscription customers are 5X more likely to talk about your product with friends and family as they are avid users of your product. Frills helps you deepen this connection with engaging campaigns.

Leverage Recurring Customers
Leverage Recurring Customers

As a brand, its extremely important to leverage this love for brand and triple brand loyalty and build a deep connection with your subscription users with personalised content.

Fresh subscription experience
Fresh subscription experience

Brands that hit customers with a personalised touch are more likely to bring 3x more customers. With Frills, your subscription customers create engaging content with a story group that encourages creative content and feedback for the brand.

Frills Subscription Experience

With every subscription delivery, give your customers an exclusive and engaging experience and see your customers become your brand ambassadors.

Champion Subscription Loyalty

Don’t miss out frequent opportunities to engage your users with subscriptions. Build a stronger and deeper emotional connection with every subscription deliveries. Engage and connect with your users by creating, creative Frill campaigns to new and most brand loyal customers.

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Identify your most loyal brand ambassadors

Sort, order and identify your most loyal customers whilst engaging them with Frills campaigns to have a constant stream of user generated content without the social media route which is often reciprocal and feels forced in its effects.

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