Social E-commerce For Your Brand.

With Frills, turn your customers social connections into quality leads who drive traffic and sales to your business via content from your customers.

Social E-commerce For Your Brand.

How does Frills Grow sales?

It has never been easier to start a company - thus it has never been harder to build a brand.

Customer network. Why it matters?

Repeat Sales & Upsells

Repeat Sales & Upsells

Brands have tripled sales and built a personal connection with customers via personal storified campaigns.

Storified campaigns

Customers only, stories like, creative campaigns that are centered around your products and customers.

Customer focused

70% of your customers are return customers and Frills helps you build this connection so customers keep coming back.

2x Organic conversions

Campaigns are designed to engage your users to convert or upsell your existing customers.

3x Repeat sales

Concentrate on sales, by encouraging your existing customers and providing a new outlook for your products.

2x Retain rate

Users get constant updates via Messenger bot which keep bringing them back and spend more time.

5x Reach

Increase Share-of-Voice(SOV) by creating engaging Frills campaigns for your audience.

Integrates with tools you love! Integrates with tools you love!

Integrates with tools you love!

Frills works with any of your e-commerce stores including Shopify and Woo. Integrate your Frill campaigns with your existing email and message providers to reach out to your customers post purchase.

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Pricing Table

Frills comes with a forever free plan with all the features included.


$0 Lifetime

  • ✅ All Features Available.
  • ✅ Forever Free.
  • ✅ Unlimited Campaigns
  • ✅ Progress Tracking
  • ✅ Advanced Analytics
  • ✅ Social trends alerts
  • ✅ Chat Support
  • ✅ Campaigns With SEO search.
Install Via Shopify Install Via Shopify


$14.99 /month

  • ✅ All features in free
  • ✅ Customer success manager
  • ✅ 24/7 Dedicated support
  • ✅ Extensive Analytics
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